Kata Mutiara Amang Palui

Posted: June 11, 2014 in Gombal Palui, Puisi Palui
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Kata orang CINTA itu indah

Tapi ujar Palui “Not every beauty have love”

Kata orang CINTA itu sumber kebahagiaan

Tapi ujar Palui “Love isn’t the base of happiness, but without love is the base of sadness”

Kata orang CINTA itu tidak dapat dibeli

tapi ujar Palui “I belief that love can’t be bought: except by love too”

Kata orang CINTA itu buta

Tapi ujar Palui “The love become blind if you don’t know to do it”

Kata Orang CINTA itu seperti air

Tapi ujar Palui “Love will creep where  water can’t pass”

Kata orang cintailah kekasihmu tuk selamanya

Tapi ujar Palui “Only god that has given his love as long as u live and die”


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